How do I accept the Volunteer Guidelines?

You can access the guidelines by clicking on the following link: https://volunteer.yoganandaseva.org/guidelines Click on the "View Guidelines" button and that will allow you to read the guidelines and then electronically sign your name afterward. (Please note that the final line on page 12 will direct you to click on another link that will take you to the page where you can record your electronic signature.)

How do I remove myself from an opportunity I was interested in?

Go to the Program opportunity you previously indicated interest for, and click on the "I No Longer Want to Volunteer" button. (Because you have volunteered for this service opportunity, this blue button should appear in the top right corner of the screen.)

How can I apply for the paid opportunities?

Any paid employment opportunities with the organization are listed on this page: https://yoganandaseva.org/employment-opportunities/ If you are unable to apply to some of these opportunities, they may have reached their application limit, please continue to check the website for new opportunities.

Can my children volunteer?

The Volunteer Portal is geared toward SRF/YSS devotees who are of working age. Children will be able to participate in other YSO programs that are age-appropriate. However, we are unable to provide service opportunities for children through the Volunteer Portal. To register on the Volunteer Portal one must be at least 18 years old, as outlined in our privacy policy (https://yoganandaseva.org/privacy-policy/) and terms of use (https://yoganandaseva.org/terms-and-conditions/).

Why haven't I been given a volunteer assignment yet?

Yogananda Seva is an emerging organization, still in an early stage of development. A major part of our mission is to provide service opportunities for devotees around the world, which is a vast undertaking and will take time to accomplish. Our program areas and opportunities for service have grown immensely in the relatively short time since our inception -- and will continue to expand in the future. We appreciate your desire to serve. Please stay in touch with us and keep checking back to s...

Can I still volunteer if I don’t want to give you this information?

Yes, absolutely! If the program team lead of the program that interests you needs specific information, he or she will contact you as needed.

If I have never volunteered for SRF/YSS, can I still apply?

Yes. We recognize that some members do not live near an SRF/YSS temple, center or group or have never had the opportunity to serve Guruji in this manner. We welcome your interest now!