How to become a volunteer

The SRF Online Meditation Center continues to expand and touch the lives of devotees in our Guru's worldwide spiritual family. We now offer 32 weekly services and over 13,000 attendees join us from countries around the globe each week. Testimonials from SRF/YSS members continue to stream in about the power of group meditation in this new digital format. Both participants and volunteers alike feel the blessings of God and Gurus through the SRF Online Meditation Center. 

If you are a SRF/YSS Kriyaban we welcome you to join our dedicated team of online leaders and ushers. To fill out the new volunteer questionnaire and submit, please click here

A member of the SRF Online Meditation Center Admin Team will contact you shortly. (Please also note that in order to serve as an online leader or usher you must have access to a reliable internet connection.)

Thank you for your interest in serving Guruji in this new digital format!