What is the connection between the Online Meditation Center and SRF?

As with all SRF centers and meditation groups, the Online Meditation Center is overseen by the monastics in Center Department at the SRF International Headquarters, and run with the help of a managing council of lay member volunteers. Whereas a physical SRF center is located in a local community and the devotees come to that location to attend services, the SRF Online Meditation Center doesn’t have a physical location and the devotees who attend our services attend through online video conferencing software. 

The SRF Online Meditation Center was developed and is currently supported by Yogananda Seva, which is responsible for recruiting and helping to staff its leadership council. YSO understood that an online medium for meditations was close to Brother Chidananda’s heart but that SRF wouldn’t have time to undertake the development of this kind of project in the near future. So YSO was able to develop the Online Meditation Center and deliver a final product that they now manage for SRF.

“This is a perfect example of the type of projects Seva League can undertake for SRF as part of guru seva.” - Brother Chidananda