Why is a separate organization from SRF needed?

At this point in the development of Guruji’s worldwide mission, the role of SRF and SRF monastics is to focus primarily on disseminating his Kriya Yoga teachings. Since there are now many mature devotees around the world who have been practicing Master's teachings for decades, Brother Chidananda felt the time was right to provide lay disciples with opportunities for guru seva (service to the guru and his work) in developing and implementing programs to serve the worldwide family of SRF -- and to do so without placing an additional burden on the time and energies of the SRF monastics. Brotherji felt a new lay disciple led and staffed organization, guided directly by him, was the most expedient way of reaching these goals.

While SRF is currently unable to take on the development of the types of programs that YSO will focus on, they do have the capability to guide an appointed lay member organization in doing so. The time has come to entrust lay disciples to play a stronger role in Master’s worldwide work, as is expressly recognized by SRF in the creation and guidance of this new organization, Yogananda Seva.