Volunteer Portal Troubleshooting Guide

Volunteer Portal Troubleshooting Guide

Common Problems and Resolutions


Note to Help Desk staff

Please request the following information from devotee:

  1. What is your email?
  2. Time of issue
  3. What page are you having trouble with? (Steps to reproduce)
  4. Did you get an error message?
  5. Are you using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone?
  6. Do you know what browser you’re using? Chrome, Firefox, Edge?

The Website is not loading!

Make sure you have not misspelt the website address?

Go to https://volunteer.yoganandaseva.org or go to https://yoganandaseva.org and click on the “Sign Up” button.


Maybe the website is under maintenance.

Please try after some time.

Why can’t I register?

What message are you seeing?

Have you already signed up with the same email?

If Yes: You cannot signup twice with the same email. Go to https://volunteer.yoganandaseva.org/member/login and try to login

If No: What message are you seeing? (Options below)


The specified passwords do not match

Are you sure both passwords match? Please type them in again.


The password is not strong enough

Do your passwords meet the strength requirements? Please use a password that is 8 characters long and contains at least one each of:

1.     Upper Case

2.     Lower Case

3.     Numeric

4.     Special Char (~!@#$%^&*()-)


You provided an invalid email
Please re-type your email address

Why am I not getting the verification code?

Did you mistype your email address when you registered?


The Verification email could possibly be delayed.

Depending on your email provider, it could take up to 30 minutes to receive your verification code, especially if you are located outside the U.S. 

My verification code is not being accepted!

It says “You entered an invalid verification code”

Check the time stamp when the verification code arrived. Is it more than 24 hours ago?

If so, scroll to the bottom of the Verify Your Registration page and click on the link “click here to re-send the verification email.”  

Did you request the verification code to be re-sent?

You may have two of them and you might be using the wrong one. When a new verification code is sent, please wait up to 30 minutes before re-sending the verification code.

If you’re still getting stuck

Go to https://volunteer.yoganandaseva.org/member/login and try logging in again. You will be re-directed to the Verify Your Registration page.


Did you type the right code?

Recheck your verification code for any mistype errors.

I got a verification code. Where do I enter it?

You may have browsed away from the Verify Your Registration page. In this case, just go to the login page: https://volunteer.yoganandaseva.org/member/login and login using your email and password. The system will re-direct you to the Verify Your Registration page.


If your verification code is less than 24 hours old, you can enter it here.

If your verification code is older than 24 hours, scroll to the bottom of the Verify Your Registration page and click on the link “click here to re-send the verification email.”



My verification is not being accepted, what should I do?

Please login as the help desk representative. You will have a special privilege that will enable an additional link on the left hand side pane labeled “Administer Users”


This should be a last resort after all above mentioned steps are taken to verify the reason for non arrival or non-acceptance of verification code.


Click the link ‘Administer Users’.

This provides a view of all users who have not yet completed the verification process.

Search through the list of users by email

Once found, click on the ‘Confirm’ link at the end of the row


This will manually confirm the user and will allow him/her to log in without need for a verification code.


The account is all set and operational.



I registered but I can't log in!


            Are you sure you completed the registration by supplying the verification code?


            Was your verification code accepted? And were you taken to the login page?


            Are you sure you are using the right password?


I forgot my password! How can I reset my password?


  There is a ‘Forgot PAssword?’ Link just below the ‘Log In’ button on the log in page


Click that link and it will take you to the ‘Reset Your Password’ page


Type in the email address you registered with and click ‘Reset Password’ button         


That takes you to the ‘New Password’ page and emails you the verification code


Type in the verification code you received and the the new password of your choice twice and that will be your new password.


It doesn't accept my Photo for my Profile.


  Is your photo larger than 250 X 250 pix?

  Is your photo larger than 1 Mega Bytes in size?


There are two MB and KB. 250KB is smaller than 1MB. Just FYI.


Can I crop the photo to make it smaller?


  Yes You can. Once you upload the picture


Just click on ‘Crop Image’

Then Click and drag across the area of the photo you want visible

Save the profile.


Oh I don't like the crop, Can I do it again? Without uploading the picture….


  Yes, You can.


  Click on Edit on your profile and follow the same process as above.

Why don't I have the Volunteer Link?


            Volunteer link is available to Managers only.

How do I see the volunteers that are

-       On my program

-       That have applied

-       My team leads


You can do that by going to Programs -> View Your Program -> Manage


Why can’t I see the Reports?


  Reports are available to Manager Role only.


Why cant I download Reports?

   Though the Reports are available to Managers only, It needs a special permissions to download the User and Volunteer listing in csv format.


This is available to just a handful of users for security reasons.

I cant see volunteer’s linkedin profile. Linkedin is asking me to log in!

 Right in most cases access to a linkedin profile expects one to have a linked in account of some sort. May not be a complete profile......but just for the heck of it. That’s one solution and the easiest. Please create a free profile.


The second solution is google search. Where if one searches by for e.g. ‘John Smith linkedin’ it will pull him up. But what you can see could be limited depending on the privacy settings set by the volunteer. So there are good chances you can get a fair snapshot of his profile.


In a nutshell here is no simple or direct way without an account. But linked in provides a lot deeper insight into people including recommendations, than what most volunteers care to provide.


I am getting Access Denied or I am being redirected to login, Why?


The website is set to time out or log you out after a period of inactivity. It will not let you be logged in forever.

All it is trying to say is ‘Please authenticate or log in again’ to make sure it is you.


But, If you are on it, you would not be logged out.

The can I be informed about any updates to a particular Program?

  Go to the Program by clicking the Program, choose the program of your interest.


  Click on ‘Keep me updated’


How do I enroll myself to serve on a Program?

  Go to the Program by clicking the Program, choose the program of your interest.


  A Program could have many Service Opportunities based on skills needed

  Choose your Service Opportunity and click ‘View.’

  And there it is! The ‘I want to Volunteer’ button on its top right corner.

Can I opt out of Volunteering for a program?

  Yes, by going to the same location as explained above  and the ‘I want to Volunteer’ would have turned into ‘I No Longer Want to Volunteer’

  Click on that button.

 How do I get more Help?


Click the Help link on your left hand pane. Here you can send a detailed question or clarification you may have


You can also address this to a specific department by selecting from the drop down list.