Lay-Led Retreats

When will these retreats begin?

We would like to make them available as soon as possible, but it takes time to assess retreat structure and content. We are in the process of interviewing and assigning people to implement this program. If you would like more information, please use the “Keep Me Updated” button. We will email you information as available.

Will retreats be led by monastics?

Initially, the plan is to have lay devotees lead retreats, but with the content approved by monastics. We plan to have as much monastic participation as possible, through pre-recorded talks. Some may be live, in coordination with SRF/YSS Center Department. This will depend on frequency of retreats and monastic availability.

Where will these retreats be held? At SRF/YSS temples or elsewhere?

The main purpose of this retreat program is to offer the retreat experience to people who don’t live near a temple. So the plan is to offer them online.

How are these different from SRF lay retreats already in existence?

YSO will help support local groups and centers by providing materials and training to augment what is currently available through SRF. We will be able to expand retreat contents and are also exploring creating themed retreats such as parenting, teens, aging and the like. All is with the guidance of SRF monastics.

What will be the length of the retreats?

While this is in development, the plan is to offer one day retreats. As the program progresses, we will have weekend retreats. If there are requests for longer retreats, we will try to make this possible.

Will there be any cost to participate in a retreat?

This will depend on the type of retreat, its length and the location. Online retreats do not have the same costs as do in person retreats so this will be determined by the specific situation. Participants will have the opportunity to make donations, according to the suggested amount.

Will these retreats be available locally?

Yes, because of the digital technology now available, you will be able to participate in any of these retreats in your own location.

Will retreats be available in my language?

It is our goal to offer retreats in languages other than English. This depends on the availability of volunteers who can lead language-specific retreats. Please let us know your language capability when you complete the retreat service opportunities form.

I lead retreats. Can I be a leader?

Please refer to the portal “Future retreat program support team" listing. You can sign up for this service opportunity and the program coordinator will contact you.

I own or operate an existing retreat center. How do I make it available to you?

Thank you very much for your kind offer. Please provide detailed information about the center to ( The program coordinator will contact you for further discussion.