How do I make a donation to Yogananda Seva?

Thank you for your generous support of Yogananda Seva! You may make a donation online or by mail: Donating online Please select one of the following two options, and then follow the steps below. (Note: The links below will open in a new tab in your browser and these instructions will remain open in this tab.) - General Donation to Yogananda Seva ( - Donation to Yogananda Seva to support the SRF Online Meditation Center (https:...

How do I edit my recurring/monthly donation?

Thank you for your generous support of Yogananda Seva! After you make a recurring donation, you will receive an email requesting you to set up a DonorBox donor account. Your email address will be your username, and you will be asked to create a password. To edit your recurring donation at any time after that, go to (, click the Donor Login ( link at the top of the page, and log in with your username (email address) and pas...

Are donations to YSO tax deductible?

Yes. Donations to Yogananda Seva (YSO) are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

How are donations to YSO used?

Yogananda Seva (YSO) is an independent, self-sustaining nonprofit organization. It does not receive funding from SRF. Donations to YSO help to provide the services to devotees and opportunities for guru seva described in our various programs, and also help to cover expenses related to administration. General donations are used where they are needed most. If you would like your donation to support a particular project, please indicate that and we will be happy to allocate your donation to the p...

Will donations to YSO compete with donations to SRF?

Whenever SRF appeals for donations, lay members respond by contributing generously. At this time, SRF is able to implement only a certain number and certain types of programs. Yogananda Seva (YSO) will simply be expanding the number and types of programs SRF lay members can engage with and support. Donations to SRF and YSO both support the furthering of Master's mission and providing of services to devotees.