Why do you need all this information about me?

Thank you for your interest in serving Master and his work through YSO. By providing the requested information, we can be better able to help you find the area(s) in which your skills and talents can best be utilized.

Will the information in my profile be viewable by other devotees?

If you would like some basic information from your profile to be publicly viewable by other devotees on the portal, you can give permission for that when filling out your profile. The information will include: your state/region, country, photo (if you upload one), profile summary, and display name. Please note that this feature is not currently available, but will be added soon.

Do you have to be a member of SRF/YSS to fill out a profile?

Anyone who considers themselves a follower of Paramahansa Yogananda can fill out a profile on Yogananda Seva's Volunteer Portal and be matched with a volunteer opportunity. The profile form does ask about SRF/YSS membership status, as that information is helpful in filling certain volunteer roles meant specifically for members.

I have been a volunteer for SRF for many years. How many years do I need to include on this form? How detailed should this be?

Please provide the information that you think will be most helpful to us in assisting you to find the YSO volunteer opportunities that you will enjoy.

How do I crop my profile photo?

To crop your profile photo, click the Crop image option below the image you have uploaded to the Profile Picture section. The photo cropping tool will open. Click on your photo to see the cropping area, indicated by a blue outline with dotted grid lines inside it. To crop the photo, click and drag the "handles" in the corners or sides of the blue outline to define the area you want to be visible. (Anything outside the blue line will be deleted.) Click the Save button in the top right of the Pr...

Can I share my Facebook page or other social media links in my profile?

You may share a link to your LinkedIn profile, Instagram, or another online portfolio in the "Work Experience" section of your profile. We do not currently have an option for sharing your Facebook page or other social media links.

Why do you ask for my LinkedIn profile?

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, including a link to it in your Volunteer Portal profile is an easy and quick way to provide information about your work experience and professional skills. It can save you the time and effort of manually entering this information. The information from LinkedIn will help in connecting you with a suitable volunteer opportunity. Including a LinkedIn profile link is completely optional.

Can I create more than one profile?

We do not recommend creating more than one profile per person, as there is no benefit to doing so and it may lead to confusion in connecting you with a suitable volunteer opportunity. If you have a wide range of skills or more than one strong area of interest, please indicate these in one profile.

Can I fill out a profile for a friend?

We ask that each person register for the portal individually and fill out their own profile.

I just attend meditations but am not a member, can I fill out a profile?

Any self-identified follower of Paramahansa Yogananda can fill out a profile - which is similar to going to a Temple and showing up to the Temple service day. The profile does ask clarifying questions which are helpful for certain roles that may be for those who are SRF members.

Who is able to view my profile on the Volunteer Portal?

Currently, your profile is private and may only be viewed by team leads and Yogananda Seva administrators for the purpose of matching you with volunteer opportunities. In the future, we hope to make the Volunteer Portal a more collaborative community. In preparation for that, while filling out your profile you can give permission for some of your information to be viewable by other devotees when that feature becomes available. For details, please see: Will information in my profile be viewable ...

What if I don’t know my member number?

That is no problem. This field is optional and you can continue filling out the profile.

Why do you need my SRF/YSS member number?

You are not required to provide your member number, but in some cases it can help provide simpler access to your membership information already on file with SRF/YSS.

If I don’t want to give you all the information requested in my profile, can I still volunteer?

As long as you provide your contact information, it is possible for you to receive a volunteer opportunity. Of course, some basic information about your skills and interests will help in matching you with a suitable position, so please provide whatever you feel comfortable sharing. If for some reason more information is required to appropriately place you, a program administrator will follow up with you.