What does YSO stand for?

YSO is the acronym for the lay organization Yogananda Seva. The three letters stand for We use "YSO" instead of just "YS" for Yogananda Seva to clearly distinguish it from the acronym for Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS).

Why is a separate organization from SRF needed?

At this point in the development of Guruji’s worldwide mission, the role of SRF and SRF monastics is to focus primarily on disseminating his Kriya Yoga teachings. Since there are now many mature devotees around the world who have been practicing Master's teachings for decades, Brother Chidananda felt the time was right to provide lay disciples with opportunities for guru seva (service to the guru and his work) in developing and implementing programs to serve the worldwide family of SRF -- and to...

Are these programs the ones that SRF wanted?

All the YSO programs have been developed in collaboration with SRF and Brother Chidananda.

Why are some programs listed as SRF and some as YSO? What is the difference?

The primary difference for program listings under different heads of SRF and YSO is on account of where the project is actually housed. Are you serving with a project that is within an SRF department, or a YSS department, or are we serving a YSO department? Who is administrating or coordinating the project? For example, the work of the Spanish technology team involves coordination with SRF Membership services. Similarly, some other projects in the translations area will be coordinated by monast...

Who supports YSO?

Yogananda Seva (YSO ) is supported by devotees around the world who volunteer their time and talents in serving the worldwide family of SRF through YSO programs. While many of these devotees volunteer at their local SRF centers as well, YSO is also able to reach devotees who don't live near a center, temple, or group and provide them with perhaps their first-ever opportunities to experience the blessings of serving Master’s work. Financially, YSO is a nonprofit entity supported by donations fro...

Why is YSO structured as a nonprofit business?

Considering the potential scale and complexity of this work, it was necessary to organize Yogananda Seva's activities into a nonprofit business structure to support the services being provided and to manage their growth properly. We are committed to keeping the organizational structure of YSO relatively small and lightweight, comprising only what is needed to support the huge numbers of volunteers who provide the vast majority of the efforts needed to make YSO programs possible. Above all, we ar...

Are YSO staff members paid?

We are a primarily volunteer-driven organization. Volunteers are our lifeblood! To support the efforts of our volunteers, however, we do have a small group of paid staff. Job openings for paid staff positions with YSO are posted on our website as they become available.

Are YSO programs available in other languages?

Our long-term goal is to make as much of our content as possible available in as many languages as we can. While YSO is still in an early stage of development, we are already starting translation efforts. We hope to add more translated content in the near future and continue to expand over time. As more people volunteer to help with translation, it allows us to expand our offerings accordingly. If you are interested, we invite you to sign up to volunteer with translations on the portal here (h...

Can I propose an idea for a new program?

We are open to hearing your ideas! Suggestions will be considered and evaluated with the intent to shape them into a series of potential project and program-related proposals and broader strategies for steadily expanding Yogananda Seva's services over time. You can submit your ideas here: Infinite Possibilities forum (

Can I request a change to a YSO program?

We are open and eager to hear your input! Please contact us ( and share your thoughts and suggestions. If appropriate, someone from YSO will follow up with you.

Where did the ideas for the YSO programs come from?

YSO programs are largely based on requests and suggestions shared by SRF members with Mother Center over the years. Ideas have also been pooled by devotees who help coordinate Yogananda Seva, gleaned from a process of talking with and listening to other devotees. The ideation for YSO programs is still very much an open process, and we are very glad to hear new ideas and suggestions. Since YSO is still at an early stage of development, many more programs will be launched over time.

Will YSO programs be available in all locations?

The availability of YSO programs in different locations will vary, depending on the type of program. Programs that are comprised of services delivered online, such as the Online Meditation Center, will of course be available anywhere people can access the internet. Other programs will be delivered in a specific location, such as lay-led retreats. And, a number of YSO programs established over time may include local chapters in various locations. Information about location availability is inc...

Why are SRF programs listed on this site? Is YSO part of SRF?

The purpose of Yogananda Seva (YSO) is to assist Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) in fulfilling its sacred mission to serve Paramahansa Yogananda’s ever-growing worldwide family. YSO is an independent lay disciple service organization that was formed with the guidance and express permission of SRF President Brother Chidananda and the SRF Board of Directors to fulfill a two-fold mission: - To support SRF/YSS in fulfilling their sacred mission, and - To serve Paramahansa Yogananda’s ever-...

Are all YSO programs approved by SRF?

Yes, all YSO programs, as well as our operational plan and budget, are approved by the SRF Board of Directors and President on an annual basis.