Vanaprastha Forum

How old do I have to be to join?

Vanaprastha refers to the third stage of life, as described in Hinduism. Although it can be described as the beginning of middle-age, approximately 50 years-old, there is no specific age classification. Our intention is to assist devotees adjust to changing life phases, as this relates to their spiritual efforts.

I have not retired from work. Does this matter?

No. Vanaprastha is a state of mind, and if you feel that this is an appropriate program for you, please feel free to participate.

I don’t like being labeled as an “elder”. Can you change this?

The terms “elder” or ‘mature’ are just meant for ease of communication. We understand that our souls are ageless!

Will there be retirement communities through this program? I would like to live in one.

Although no current plans exist to create any, this is an area of great interest for some devotees. We hope that in future, teams can be formed to explore their creation.

What services will there be for this group?

They have not yet been determined as this project is in its infancy. Currently, it is intended as a forum for gathering and organizing information for future activities and services.

I am a professional in this field. How can I participate?

Please see the portal. You can apply through the “specialist” opportunity. Please use the ‘stay updated” button to be notified as this program progresses.

Will there be offerings for people with disabilities?

Yes, we plan to be of service in future.

I want to give specific input or suggestions. How do I do this?

Thank you very much for your interest. We welcome participation and please let us know your thoughts through support@ with as much detail as possible. The program coordinator will contact you if necessary.

Will monastics be leading this program?

As this program is developed, we intend to include some monastic-led activities such as classes and retreats. As stated in our goals, YSO intends that volunteers will provide much of the organizing and planning.

I need a particular service now. Can you help me?

We can offer our prayers and best wishes but we are not able to provide direct assistance. Please contact your local agencies who may have the necessary resources.

How will you determine who will be a General Team Member or Program Specialist?

As is true with the other YSO programs, we do our best to match volunteers according to their skills, expertise and levels of interest. We also take into account the number of volunteers available.